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Cartagena - Day 1

sunny 31 °C

Day one in Cartagena was pretty relaxing as i think we were all still recovering from jet lag. We went to the Charleston Hotel where some friends were staying, it has a nice pool on the roof which provided a major relief from the unrelenting heat (and they say it's meant to be winter!).


First thoughts of Cartagena is that it's a beautiful city, all the buildings are colonial and painted in the most amazing colours, really adding to the atmosphere. Despite it being 'winter' it's hitting about 31 degrees in the afternoon and the humidity is crazy, you don't know if your wet from sweat or simply the moisture in the air (although it's probably the sweat).

The video below doesnt really show much of Cartagena but thats because we haven't really done anything yet. But enjoy and listen out for some strange nothern twang i adopt at the beginning..

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..as in the movie with Tom Hanks



After about 42 hours of travelling and sitting in aiports i made this video filmed in Bogota Airport in Colombia, apologies if i sound grumpy, also apologies for the whole movie being filmed sideways!...

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Road to the West

Hi, this is the first log in what i hope to be a detailed journal of my trip around the world, unless i get mugged leaving the airport in Colombia and my laptop gets stolen. In which case it probably wont be as detailed as i want it to be!
Well here is the plan so far...
If you have any recommendations for places to visit along the way please leave a comment, also if you have visited any of the places i am going to and want a video update of what its like now, let me know.

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